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National Rifle Association of Australia

Sport Integrity AUS

What is sport integrity?

Sport is an Australian way of life. It brings people together, transcending differences in language, ability, culture and beliefs, and provides physical, social and economic benefits.

Threats to sports integrity include competition-manipulation, doping, and behaviours that impact people’s positive experience of sport, such as discrimination or abuse.

Integrity in sport means that athletes, supporters and fans can participate and celebrate sport, confident in the knowledge that they are part of a safe, ethical and inclusive environment.

NRAA takes integrity seriously and have adopted the integrity framework of Sport Integrity Australia as the integrity framework within which our sport will operate.

For more information visit the Sport Integrity Australia website.

NRAA’s Integrity Officer is Matt Rowe.  You can contact Matt at

NRAA’s Complaints Manager is Toni Hulme.  You can contact Toni at

We have the following National Integrity Framework policies in place (effective from 1 Dec 2023):


Breaches of Integrity Policies and reporting integrity issues

All alleged breaches in relation to our National Integrity Framework (NIF) will be managed under the Complaints, Disputes and Discipline Policy.


Complaints, Disputes and Discipline Policy

Our Complaints, Disputes and Discipline Policy sets out the process for resolving complaints arising from a breach of an eligible policy.

Complaints in relation to breaches under the National Integrity Framework will be managed independently by Sport Integrity Australia.

Lodging a Complaint

  • Anyone can lodge a complaint
  • Only complaints relating to breaches of NIF can be submitted to Sport Integrity Australia
  • Complaints can only be actioned if the person who allegedly committed the behaviour is a member of NRAA and its States and Territories and is therefore bound by the policies of our sport.
  • Complaints relating to team selections, governance, whisteblower or code of conduct are not covered by the National Integrity Framework. Complaints of this nature should be sent to Toni Hulme at


To report a breach of an integrity policy, submit directly to Sport Integrity Australia click here

Phone: 1300 027 232