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The National Rifle Association of Australia


2021Emms BNSW496.62
2019Davies ANSW498.56
2018Corbett JVIC475.70
2017Grenfell GVIC500.69
2016Corbett JVIC496.57
2015Grenfell GVIC499.60
2014Grenfell GVIC499.67
2013Grenfell GVIC449.56
2012Corbett JVIC499.65
2011Whidden JUSA399.46
2010Litz BUSA368.26
2009Corbett JVIC499.66
2008Buchanan MNSW499.61
2007Cole CQLD497.60
2006Garven CNSW499.63
2005Cole CQLD497.60
2004Cole CQLD498.63
2003Salamon PSA394.46
2002Salamon PSA398.46
2001Corbett JVIC393.35
2000Doxford TACT400.48
1999Corbett JVIC354.39
1998Wood MUK352.34
1997Dunstall SNSW349.43
1996Dunstall SNSW350.23
1995Phillips PQLD351.28
1994Thompson ETAS348.31
1993Moon ARNSW350.27
1992Matthews DArmy323.27
1991Myles JNT350.27
1989Robinson PFACT378.37
1988Parker RNSW326.24
1987Crowe GJNSW344.29
1986Golinski SJNSW343.30
1985Corbett JVIC342.21
1984Courtney RCHACT352.29
1983Hills KACT347.24
1982Swindle RJNSW345.21
1981Spillman RSA346.19
1980Negus REACT345.17
1979Golinski SJNSW343.34
1978Ayling GMTAS343.23
1977Hallett PRVIC342.21
1976Angel WNSW348.30
1975Sadler KNWA344.25
1974McInerney LJSA335
1973Sweet JWNSW347
1972Richards-Mousley RSA339

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      The NRAA President

      The position of National Rifle Association of Australia (NRAA) President is not permanently established via the NRAA Constitution.  Section 14 of the Constitution (dated November 2013) states: “The Company may at its discretion and from time to time appoint a...

      Change to the NRAA Board

      The NRAA Board would like to inform you of Piers Cambridge's resignation from the Board.  Piers has given a great amount of his time and expertise to the Board and accomplished many projects.  We wish him the best with his future plans. The NRAA Board shall be looking...


      ‘RIFLE SHOOTERS REMEMBER THOSE CLUB MEMBERS WHO SERVED OUR NATION DURING ALL CONFLICTS’ by BRUCE A. R. SCOTT, CSC, ADC Remembrance Day falls on 11th November each year.On the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month, a minutes’ silence is observed and dedicated to...

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