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Building and Contents Insurance for NRAA Associations and Clubs Now Available!

May 8, 2024 | ACT, Administration Update, Announcements, Biathlon, Member Association News, NQLD, NRAA News, NSW, NT, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC, WA

NRAA is pleased to make available to its State and Territory Associations and their member Clubs insurance protection for their…

NRAA is pleased to make available to its State and Territory Associations and their member Clubs insurance protection for their building and contents.

It is well recognised, that obtaining insurance for buildings and contents has become more and more difficult for many clubs in recent years and it is hoped through the members of Shooting Australia combining (covering Pistol, Shotgun, Smallbore and Long Range), there will be benefit to all. The policy is offered through Marsh Australia who also manage the NRAA’s Associations Liability and Personal Accident insurance for Associations, Club and individual members.

The policy is called Industrial Special Risks, and is offered in tiers to provide flexibility and affordability. The premium bandings are outlined below:  

The Policy is designed to provide comprehensive coverage for physical assets such as buildings, machinery, equipment, stock, and other property owned by the insured. This coverage extends to risks such as fire, explosion, natural disasters and burglary (forcible entry).

At this point, Marsh have been unable to secure cover for theft without forcible entry, flood, damage to property in the open air or accidental damage. Should a Club or Association have a specific requirement for this cover please contact Marsh. 

Further information about the policy and how to apply is located on the NRAA website.

Click here for more information and select:  Info Hub > Insurance > Building & Contents  

While it is appreciated that not all Clubs and Associations will need coverage today, Marsh advises that the support of Clubs, Associations and indeed NRAA itself is most important to continue to leverage the insurers to widen the cover offered and also aiming to reduce premiums in the future. As the take-up of the policy becomes widespread, expanded cover and reduced premiums are to be discussed with the Insurance Company.

It would be greatly appreciated if all affiliated State and Territory Clubs could consider the policy when their current polices come up for renewal.

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