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The SARA Championship Series 2019

Jan 19, 2020 | Competitions, Queens, SA

Article and photos by Chris McDermott

The Hunt

Day one

Competitors arrive at Lower Light

The weather was very mild for Lower Light for those who have been here before, and right from the start of the Hunt aggregate you knew the scores were going to be good.

The first 300m started off well for TR shooters with some very high scores, Eric Christie (TR A) grade shooting a 50.9. With discipline squadding been used everyone had an even go in the good weather. The F Class guys moved up and they made the most of it as well, Bruce Lloyd (F Standard A) shooting a very impressive perfect 60.10 leaving everyone else to follow.

After a tea break, the flags where checked to make sure they hadn’t stuck to the posts and 500m started. TR scores became very competitive with count backs for the top spot Paul Savage (TR A) 50.9. With F Class shooting next, Richard Braund (F Open) 60.9 was wishing he hadn’t kept his sighters. With a mirage and flicking wind starting to move things around, the 600m was shot after lunch. But again, some good scores where produced, Frank O Pinyon (TR A) 50.9. Stuart Braund (F Open) 60.8 had another fantastic shoot with the others trying to catch him.

The day ended with the presentation of the daily ranges and aggregates!

Rhyder Atkinson Winner

Day two

Another perfect day at Lower Light with the longer ranges been shot, with the F class starting the ranges at 700m. A battle for top off rifle went to Jarrod Todd (F Open) 60.9 on a count back with the others close behind. TR’s turn on the mound and Frank O. Pinyon (TR A) showed everyone how to do it with a perfect 50.10.

Moving back to 800m after a tea break, Stuart Braund (F Open) once again fought off some fierce completion for top off rifle across all disciplines. TR moved up with Chris McDermott (TR B) getting overall top off rifle in TR with a 50.6. Moving back to 900m to finish the day and Lower Light started to become the range we all love. Top off rifle in F Class was again Stuart Braund F Open) with a 59.5. TR followed and Paul Savage (TR A) managed a 49.1 taking top off rifle.

The day was rounded off with a drawn mixed pairs TR shooting with F Class. The final Hunt Series trophies and range medals were presented and the Hunt was officially concluded.

The Queens

Day one

With a new format for the Queens, TR started out at 300m with Robert Paech (TR A) shooting 50.7. The TR shooters moved back to join the F Class and 500m commenced.

Rhyder Atkinson (TR A) impressed everyone with a 50.9. F Class started the day with a 15-shot match, Richard Braund (F Open) managed 90.12 with a couple of juniors chasing him for top off rifle Scott Larsen (F Std A) and Caleb Hancock (F/TR) both with perfect 90.10s.

An early lunch was called and we all moved back to shot double 600m. Robert Paech (TR A) started things off with a 50.6 and with F Class shooting 15 shot rounds, Jarrod Todd (F Open) got the only possible 90.8 of the first 600m.

The final round of the day saw everyone pick their game up, Rhyder Atkinson (TR A) topped things with 50.8. and Neville Roberts (F Open) finished the day tops with 90.11.

A computer issue meant no one knew who was in the lead, which made the second day more interesting.

Day two

Well the wind greeted us all for a 9am start at 600m, a 15-shot match shot by F Class and TR was a hit and miss with scores. Richard Braund (F Open) who has been shooting very well popped a 90.12 closely chased by Cameron Whant (F Std) 90.11. Kym Muller (TR A) topped TR on a count back with 75.10 from Brad Semmler (TRA).

700m was shot after a quick tea break with Stuart Braund (F Open) topping the score with 60.6, TR followed with Rhyder Atkinson (TR A) winning on count back 50.7, we managed a shorter lunch with an interesting 800m to finish off the day’s shooting. Richard Braund (F Open) just managed to stay ahead of Darren Bradley (F/TR) for top off rifle with a 60.6 TR concluded the day with Jeffrey Dayman (TR A) shooting a beautiful 50.7.

With the computer system finally fixed, the presentation was done for both days, and we also found we needed to have a couple of shoot offs as well.

Final day

We woke to a few showers, but it cleared early and produced a perfect day. The shoot off for F class was shot at 600m and won, and the 800m range for the day was started. Robert Paech (TR A) started the first range of the day having to battle another count back for top spot with 50.7.

Andrew Goldsmith (F Open) shot a very fine 60.8 to take the honours in F Class. With a few targets finished, the TR shoot off for 800m from the previous day was also shot and won before the range was finished. All the shooters moved back for the final range, and 900m was shot!

TR finished with Bluey Noll (TR A) shooting a 50.6 but just wasn’t enough to top Rhyder Atkinson (Wallaroo) from taking the prestigious No. 1 TR Queens Badge for 2019. F Class was a battle to the last with Greg Warrian (F Open) taking top off rifle with a 60.5 wrapping things up.

We may have had a few issues along the way, but it was still a perfect result to a perfect week of shooting.


Thanks go to all who assisted over the five days of competition by tying and raising wind flags, moving the shooting bench, fire pit and just being a good and fair competitor.

A special thanks to Don Flynn for his tireless job of entering all the statistics, Lynlee & Mark for all the preparations prior to and during our championship, the trophy donors and to Jennie McInnes for purchasing such a great array of trophies! To Barbara and her merry band of markers excelled in the butts and must be thanked. Lastly and by no mean least, I must mention the relaxed and efficient way in which our CRO Richard McInnes and his ARO Richard Steele ensured that all had a fair and enjoyable competition! I hope to see you all next year at our State Championships. And I will always have a “hug” for those who want or need one!

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