Yunta shooters Allen Hucks, Richard Steel and Warren Breeding at Sunday’s Triple Crown Shoot.

Yunta’s Christmas Shoot

Feb 13, 2020 | Competitions, Open Prize Meetings, SA

Article and photos by Ros Breeding

For the drought-stricken North East of SA, wind and dust has been ‘the daily norm’ for the past 18 months. So it was a pleasant surprise to have ever-so-slight breezes at Yunta’s Christmas Shoot on Saturday 8th December, 2019.

The thirty three shooters were pleased with the unseasonal pleasant conditions at the Yunta Range (between Burra and Broken Hill).

Shot on five Hexta targets, the usual program was followed: two 500mtr shoots in the morning and a 300 mtr shoot after lunch. The uniqueness of the Yunta range is that the Club has only one shooting mound – with the trailer-mounted targets being towed into place.

The scoring team, Richard, Ali and Don.
The scoring team, Richard, Ali and Don.

The Yunta Rifle Club is grateful to those who travel long distances to compete and Clubs represented included: Cyclists & Torrens Valley, West Broken Hill, Pt Pirie,

Pt Augusta, Whyalla, Mt Barker, Murray Bridge, Spalding and Yanyarrie/Orroroo – plus others.

As visitors arrived and set-up camp on Friday evening; – there was Brad Semmler (CTV) re-gassing the beer fridge (worth a trophy!), Peter Collins (Balaklava) repairing the plumbing problems – and Don Flynn (Woomera) fixing anything else needing attention, before undertaking the scoring duties. How lucky are we to have such ‘useful’ friends?!

A hearty tea of schnitzels and vegies was enjoyed in the lovely evening ambience – with the usual sensational sunset behind the range.

Shooting began on Saturday morning with the flags gently waving.

At the lunch break, William Naismith led TR with Trevor Wilkes leading the F Class pack.          

The usual sumptuous lunch of cold meats (including some very valuable mutton), salads and luscious sweets was served in the comfortable air-conditioned clubhouse. 

The afternoon threw up surprisingly tricky conditions with mirages dancing across the range. Few possible were shot but the competition remained close.

Overall winners were: TR, Brad Semmler (CTV) with Trevor Wilkes (Pt Pirie) winning the F Class Shield. Winning the Pairs Shoot were Brad Semmler and Warren Breeding.

Brad Semmler (CTV) is presented with the Yunta RC Legends Shield by Captain Warren Breeding at the Yunta Christmas Shoot.
Brad Semmler (CTV) is presented with the Yunta RC Legends Shield by Captain Warren Breeding at the Yunta Christmas Shoot.

Shooting finished mid-afternoon, allowing ample time for pre-dinner refreshments and the presentation of prizes.

 Originally, the Yunta club offered local (dressed) turkeys as prizes, but now presents lovely leg hams, tasty turkey rolls and legs of marvellous (local) mutton, – as well as Christmas puddings – and many bottles of ‘Christmas Cheer’.

The bounty of prizes at Yunta’s Christmas Shoot.
The bounty of prizes at Yunta’s Christmas Shoot.

Yunta Rifle Club Captain Warren Breeding thanked all for attending, making mention of the afore-mentioned ‘tradies’ and Don and Linda Merritt who made and donated Christmas puddings. The visiting ladies were also thanked for helping Kerry and Ros in the kitchen yet again.

For those who stayed overnight, a ‘Triple Crown Affair’ was shot early on Sunday morning – before the heat, wind and dust arrived!

Yunta winners were;-

Target Rifle A Grade

PlaceShooterClub Score
1st Brad Semmler Cyclists & Torrens Valley 149.13
2nd William Naismith Yanyarrie/Orroroo 148.13
3rd Philip Bradshaw Cyclists & Torrens Valley 147.18
4th Warren Breeding Yunta 147.15
5th Bluey Noll Whyalla 145.12
6th Paul Gale Cyclists & Torrens Valley 144.10
7th Peter Collins Balaklava 137.4

Target Rifle B Grade

Place Shooter Club Score
1st Don Merritt West Broken Hill 143.9
2nd Gordon Harrison Murray Bridge 142.10
3rd Ian Tapscott Yanyarrie/Orroroo 139.7

Target Rifle C Grade

Place Shooter Club Score
1st Allen Hucks Yunta 142.8
2nd Bill Pryde Spalding 140.6
3rd Don Flynn Woomera 133.2

F Standard A

Place Shooter Club Score
1st Trevor Wilkes Port Pirie 174.12
2nd Chris Green Cyclists & Torrens Valley 172.12
3rd Nunzio Sapio Cyclists & Torrens Valley 172.12
4th Jacinta Blackmore Yunta 171.6
5th James Freebairn Balaklava 170.11
6th Richard Steel Yunta 170.10
7th Malcolm Hill Pt Pirie 170.10
8th Terry Brewer West Broken Hill 170.8
9th Luke Netherton Pt Pirie  165.4
10th Chris Harris Broken Hill 165.1

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