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Tasmanian Match Rifle and F Class Championships

Mar 5, 2020 | Competitions, F Class, Member Association News, TAS

Article and photos by Rodney Winwood

The Tasmanian Match Rifle & F Class Championships were held at the Campbell Town rifle range on February 29 and March 1. All up we had 10 Match Rifle shooters, 2 FTR and 2 F Open shooters. As always Campbell Town turned on some blustery weather on day one. 

Campbell Town Rifle Range

At 1000 yards in strong wind Philip Bain in Match Rifle was top with a score of 75.11, with Gil Walker next on 75.6, third on 74.5 was Len Horwood. In FTR Neville McKinnell was top with 81.0, then Peter Fox with 76.1. F Open saw Terry Sheedy finish on top with 82.2, with John Collis next on 73.2.

Back to 1100 yards and again Philip was top with a score of 71.4, followed by Shane Courtney on 70.6, then Gil on 70.5. In FTR Neville was top again with 75.1, then Peter Fox 71.3. In F Open John Collis was top with 77.1, followed by Terry Sheedy with 65.0.

Back at 1200 and Paul Monaghan top scored with 73.6, then Philip Bain with 72.5 and Barry Southern with 68.5. FTR saw Neville take out another range, this time with a score of 70.1, then Peter with 65.0. In F Open, John was top with 75.1, with Terry next on 69.0.

1200 yards

Day One Aggregate – Match Rifle

  • Philip Bain 218.20
  • Paul Monaghan 208.16
  • Shane Courtney 206.15
  • Gil Walker 204.13
  • Peter Maher 200.13
  • Barry Southern 201.9
  • Steve Clark 198.8
  • Mark Walters 196.11
  • Lew Horwood 195.8
  • Tim Free 182.7

Day One Aggregate – FTR

  • Neville McKinnell 226.2
  • Peter Fox 212.4

Day One Aggregate – F Open

  • John Collis 225.4
  • Terry Sheedy 216.2

Day 2 was a bit on the cooler side with some mist on the range in the morning.  We had a strong wind coming across the range again.  A repeat of day one was shot again, but 1200 yards was a 20 shot match.

Paul was top shooter with 75.11, then Philip with 75.8 and Peter next with 75.5. In FTR Neville was top with 84.1, then Peter with 81.0. In F Open Terry top scored with 84.2, then John with 76.1.

At 1100 yards in Match Rifle, Philip scored 75.9, with Paul on 75.7 and Barry on 75.3   In FTR Neville top scored again, with 75.2, followed by Peter on 74.0.   Terry and John scored 87.3 and 79.2 respectively in F Open.

On the mound.

Back to 1200 yards Match Rifle where Paul shot a 95.10, with Philip next on 95.6 and Shane 95.4.   In FTR Neville top scored again with a score of 107.1, followed by Peter on 98.0.   Terry took out F Open with 107.4, next was John on 106.3.

 Day 2 Aggregate – Match Rifle

  • Paul Monaghan 245.28
  • Philip Bain 245.23
  • Lew Horwood 242.19
  • Shane Courtney 241.19
  • Mark Walters 239.20
  • Gil Walker 238.17
  • Peter Maher 238.16
  • Barry Southern 236.13
  • Steve Clark 235.13
  • Tim Free 224.8

  Day 2 Aggregate – FTR

  • Neville McKinnell 266.4
  • Peter Fox 253.0

  Day 2 Aggregate – F Open

  • Terry Sheedy 278.9
  • John Collis 261.6
John Collis and Match Rifle winner – Philip Bain


Match Rifle

  1. Philip Bain 463.43
  2. Paul Monaghan 453.44
  3. Shane Courtney 447.34
  4. Gil Walker 442.30
  5. Peter Maher 438.29
  6. Lew Horwood 437.27
  7. Barry Southern 437.22
  8. Mark Walters 435.31
  9. Steve Clark 433.21
  10. Tim Free 406.15


  1. Neville McKinnell 492.6
  2. Peter Fox 465.4
John Collis and FTR winner – Neville McKinnell

F Open

  1. Terry Sheedy 494.11
  2. John Collis 486.10
John Collis with F Open winner – Terry Sheedy

  A good weekend of Match Rifle – all finished for the year. Thank you shooters, for coming over.

Photos from the weekend:

All the winners.
Shane Courtney was presented with an Achievement Award for his score of 100.7 at the South Australian Match Rifle Championships, 2019.

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